ACE return Thermal Sones Impact YINGMI Home 300 Winning

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21:00 Hot Thorn vs. Waterford

Thermal Seongs Family Shot Harry Coran, Meikai, who announced a lecture in the week of Europe Cup competition, order for the first time in the New Season Tournament. Thermal Soon Guard Qio Roden and Carter-Wicks are injured. Nuno's Team League 2 Game is good, but I want to fight for four, but Pony should minimize weak travel loss.

Banquas Waterford is a 20th season from 2019, and they are true passenger insects. Returned to the 1 year Premier League, the Tesso team expects changes. CHALOBA, GOSLIN, Lewade, etc. There is a shortage of new assistance, new assistance that continues to appear in the old door, the thighs is trained in Zhouzhong, the lack of soldiers, the main bumblebee of soldiers It is.

Data view

● Tottenham only loses to the Waterford of the past 16 games.

● Waterford lost 9 games in the past 10 guests.

● Watford loses Totsunam in the United Kingdom at the top of the United Kingdom, but Bai Lane of 5-1 won in May 1985.

If the game will win ●, Heavy Book Harves the 300th winner of YingChao home. This previous record has reached this record of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

● Waterford has previously lost seven Premier Super Service Tournament, and 5 games were zero.

● Sun Xingli will arrive in the 200th player milestone of this game, and he will be the first Asian player to reach this achievement.

● If the thermal piercing wins, Nunno Santo will be the second coach of the second game of Taoist's history, but at the first 1949 Arthuro.

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