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World Qualifying: Debla Goal, Oliji Human Human, Belgium 1-1 War Wales

  • 2021-11-24 20:26:34 |
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November 17, 3:45 am, World Cup European Qualifying E Group, Belgium Challenge Wales Bee.

Suddenly, the ball is suddenly thrown away from the bottom of the game, the front of the OLI.

In 14 minutes of the competition, Vatzel is prohibited by defense players and breaks down. [Belgium 1-0 Wales]

25 minutes in the game, Ben-Davis's backfield miss, Belgium completed the front coat, Debla's vital was high.

32 minutes of the game, Daniel James shaking on the left side of the penalty, the defensive player has a mistake without kicking the ball, and then the moorlow shot beat the score. [Belgium 1-1 Wales]

At 41 minutes of the game, Belgium is open to the penalty area of ​​Belgia, with the main penalty of Debra, and small Azar is in the air and the ball hides the column from the column.

At the end of half, Belgium 1-1 is a temporary wales.

At 48 minutes of the competition, Daniel James Zuozuo takes the ball and passed through the ball and Corino-Roberts did not stop the ball.

Oregy was not injured at 58 minutes of the game, and the game could not be continued. Fan Zel replaced it.

In 78 minutes of competition, Daniel James has left the arc on the left side of the zone, and then Neck Williams was bound by the neck and the latter small angle was sparged by the protective player.

At 84 minutes of competition, Nick Winium leaves a ball and shoots a large calibration zone on the line and seals the ball.

At 89 minutes of competition, Salema Collins takes the ball behind the ball and hit the ball to shoot the ball directly.

At the end of the game, Belgium Park 1-1 was Flat Wales.

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